Activists arrested at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada

Posted by Janet -

Mon, Jul 13, 2009

Pakistan: No More Drones!, Press

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Just got back from Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, right outside Las Vegas, at a “Ground the Drones” vigil.  (Why? Check out our press release.) In trying to engage in civil disobedience by trying to block traffic into the base, three people were arrested including Father Louis Vitale. Several more people were injured. Seeing all of it, and men with their M16s, really gives you a taste of what it must feel like living under the horrors of occupation.

Most of us have now returned to where we’ve been staying for the past few days in nearby Indian Springs.

More to come soon — and more photos posted here.

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  • http://www.elcoblogs.com/ Nadine

    Greatings, Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  • http://NevadaDesertExperience.org Jim Haber

    Just to add a note from one of the Las Vegas based organizers who worked with Janet and the other Codepinkers:
    It was great having your enthusiasm and numbers to bump up our little vigil. We need to build pressure here and at other locations that are part of the unmanned aerial system. Since Creech is still the headquarters overall of the Predator-series squadron of the USAF, it is important to be here too.

    Some women were inspired also when we all went onto a pedestrian overpass on the Vegas strip to interact more with the general public, to mixed reactions. Some very positive, but also from a couple of men who say those drones saved their lives.

    And although Sr. Megan was abusively roughed up by the Nevada State Trooper, she is fine, not even sore the next day like she expected.

  • http://www.frednu.se Agneta Norberg

    Hi, CODEPINK over there, Thank you for your protests against drones!!!! In Sweden up in the far North, drones are tested in North European Airspace Testrange,the largest overland testrange in Europe.The area is isolated in the mountains far away from people why many don´t understand what´s going on there. We will bring this up in October 17th at a conference in Stockholm as a starting point for actions against NATO and against drones.See http://www.NEAT.se
    Write to neat@neat.se Agneta Norberg a CODEPINK fan!!in Stockholm,Sweden.

  • http://www.freebiehub.co.uk/ iPhone Fan

    Thanks for the informative article – I loved reading it! I always enjoy browsing this blog. :)

  • Jeff

    I saw the protest on CNN and read the press release about the drone protest. I’m confused about what the alternative you might propose to drone use would be. I don’t understand how it is the fault of drone use in the killings you are citing. Say drones didn’t exist, do you believe the military wouldn’t have used traditional military aircraft? The fault lies with the mission, and the war, not with the tools they use in this case.

    This line of thinking could lead to protest over tanks, rifles, and any equipment that kills people at all. I just don’t know if this is the most productive sort of protest that would do the most good.

    Also, I’d be careful throwing around the term “assault” and “abuse” when you can avoid it. It reduces sympathy for a cause when the action is caught on tape and fails to represent what most would consider true assault, not just fulfilling a definition of the word. It’s better for public image to not make a deal of it or mention it at all, then the opposite effect occurs when the viewers see what has happened and gain sympathy for the protesters. Also, those sorts of things could be turned around on you with a good lawyer on the opposite side. For instance, using a bullhorn within inches of another person’s head is technically assault, regardless of how that head gets there you have the choice to push the button, causing permanent hearing loss. In court, this would be far more severe than shoving as far as personal bodily damage and also give justification to shoving, etc, etc. All this can be avoided.

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