Men We ♥ Fridays: Take 2

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Fri, Feb 26, 2010

War Dollars Home

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We know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out who this week’s pick of Men We ♥ will be. Wait no more, here’s the second installment of our special edition:

Van Jones is the voice of justice in the environmental movement, and since resigning from the White House Council on Environmental Quality last fall, Van is really turning up the heat on cooling the planet while ensuring jobs and justice for those who need it most. This past week Van appeared on the Tavis Smiley show and was the keynote speaker at The Dream in Action, a launch event for the brand-new Green Youth Media & Arts Center in Oakland, CA (check it out here). The center is one of the first arts and multimedia centers dedicated to both ecological awareness, as well as artistic and professional development for underserved youth in the nation. What better way to counter the predatory tactics of military recruiters and violence at home than to provide youth resources and tools for action at home?! This month the organization Van founded, Green for All, will go on tour with the Black Eyed Peas! Give peas a chance and green jobs too.  And this week Van received top honors at the NAACP Image Awards!

CODEPINK cofounder Jodie Evans said after a recent meeting with Van, “Van Jones continues to model the leadership we need in America – to stop creating enemies of each other and instead have a common purpose and responsibility. To us at CODEPINK Van is the embodiment of justice and peace!”

Tim Carpenter, the National Director at Progressive Democrats of America, captured our hearts (and stomachs) with the creation of Brown Bag Lunch Vigils, the latest and greatest in PDA’s Healthcare not Warfare campaign. The idea is simple: bring your lunch to your Congressperson’s office and hold vigil with a clear message – redirect our financial resources away from wars and occupation and into healthcare for all instead. Or put it this way: Conserve our tax dollars and bag the war. On February 17 over 60 vigils occurred around the country. Check out Tim’s “lunchtime” photo gallery which includes CODEPINKer Kelly from Mississippi and CODEPINKers in Detroit, where the vigil has doubled from month to month in size – way to go Detroit. Rock on Tim.

Ali Abunimah is not only a brilliant analyst, but is committed to building the movement for Justice for Palestine and promoting strategies that work. Journalist, author and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, Ali was one of the 1,400 activists from around the world who gathered in Cairo last month for the Gaza Freedom March. Though the march was blocked by Egyptian authorities (at the request of Israel and the US) activists managed to organize many powerful solidarity actions in Egypt.

In October, 2009, Ali and his team at EI! put together a youtube video of a San Francisco action to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert overnight – this month we’re excited to report that the video has been seen by over 100,000 people!

Hear Ali speak on “How We Can Complete the Gaza Freedom March” this Sunday night, 2/28, in Berkeley at an event organized by the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

Update on a man we love from last week:
Last week we shared with you our ♥ for CODEPINK activist and all around awesome guy, Tighe Barry. This week Tighe spoke out in a Senate Armed Services hearing about Blackwater and a former Blackwater employee threatened to kill him! Holy smoke. Read the whole story and watch the video here.

Have a man for peace you love? Post it in the comments section below! Who knows…they may show up in our next edition!


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  • Lisa

    Mark Roman (ok, my wonderful husband) spoke at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine last week about the threat of drones and other robotic weapons, as part of a panel on Afghanistan. Mark, a founding member of Waterville Area Bridges for Peace & Justice, has traveled around Maine sharing his information on this topic, which changes as fast as a high tech sector of the MIC, and his perspective as a pilot on the dangers of unmanned aerial vehicles in civilian air space. He is also a key organizer for the Bring Our War $$ Home campaign, bringing the message that social programs will continue to crumble until war spending stops and funding is reallocated. In addition to contacting state legislators to pressure Rep. Mike Michaud, and appearing on WABI Channel 5 tv news last week pressuring Michaud’s district office staff, he got a resolution printed in the annual report of his town, and has an agenda item on his local school board meeting on how to find funds that would avoid the need to drastically cut next year’s operating budget.

  • Janet Weil

    I nominate Robert Hass, a UC Berkeley professor, a famous poet who recently won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature, and the founder of an eco-poetical organization, “River of Words” which connects young people to their watersheds through poetry.[http://www.riverofwords.org/

    Bob, as friends call him, went with his wife, CODEPINK activist and poet Brenda Hillman, poet Katharine Foster and myself to vigil at Creech Air Force Base in late January. We did two vigils including reading of poetry (including our own) at the gate of this AFB where young airmen are trained to use drones. Bob’s sign said sarcastically (or ironically): “ALL VIOLENCE IS WRONG (EXCEPT OURS.)” We met with Nevada activists with Nevada Desert Experience and Pace E Bene, and visited Candace at the Goddess Temple. Bob was especially fascinated by the small, dark emerald green spring welling up in the desert landscape that Candace showed us.

    He acted as our driver and was supportive of all we wished to do on this brief trip. His devotion to Brenda was moving.

    Robert Hass’ latest collection, “Time and Materials”, includes a long poem about the effects, subtle and obvious, of global climate change and many other profound meditations on politics, cruelty, beauty and wonder.

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