Breaking News: Dissident Iranian Women May Cause Volcano Eruptions

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Tue, Apr 20, 2010


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She WILL Be Killed.

Just yesterday, an Iranian cleric was saying that promiscuous Iranian women cause earthquakes. He may have misstated the particular natural disaster.

An asylum seeker in Britain, Bita Ghaedi, conducted a hunger strike for more than a month because she was terrified of being tortured and killed if she is forced to return to Iran. Yet, despite more than 2700 petition signatures sent to UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband, Bita Ghaedi was violently detained this past weekend and set for deportation this coming Tuesday on April 20, 2010.

After her detention and subsequent escalation of actions from supporters, England ignored yet another hunger strike, demonstrations, and hundreds of letters, emails, calls, and faxes on behalf of Bita Ghaedi. But nature intervened as the volcano that has kept Heathrow Airport closed for five days belched out fresh ash, grounding all flights in and out of Heathrow Airport for the sixth day in a row.

Stranded travelers are fuming, especially since they need to get home to their families. But some are calling it an act of God or a divine intervention.

And since the press is covering the volcanic ash explosion, they could not avoid the hundreds of protesters gathered outside the airport for Bita and turn blind to this gross violation of international law.

Bita Ghaedi’s case presents a slippery slope that has global implications for Iranian dissidents in other countries. If England ignores human rights standards and violates the international principle of non-refoulement, which prohibits forcibly returning a person to a country where her/his life or freedom would be threatened, it provides less of an incentive to other similarly situated countries to uphold the law. Bita Ghaedi undoubtedly warrants recognition as a refugee and merits protections under the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, to which England is a signatory. We must hold England accountable.

In the meantime, Bita is still being held at the notorious Yarl’s Wood Detention Center and remains at severe risk not only from the Iranian regime due to her political activities, but also from male members of her estranged family if she is deported back to Iran.

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  • http://missionfreeiran.wordpress.com Maria Rohaly

    “He may have misstated the particular natural disaster.”

    ROFLMAO. Indeed the ignorant cleric may have mistaken the particular natural disaster.

    The British government may also have mistaken the risks for socio-political disaster it was running when it decided to handle Bita Ghaedi with a thuggishness rivaling that of the Islamic regime.

    Britain, in using excessive force to arrest and detain Bita Ghaedi, and in its obstinacy in violating all international law relating to status of refugees, specifically the principle of non-refoulement, has shown the world exactly where its interests lie: clearly not on the side of the people. Not on the side of the just and democratic people of the UK, nor those in Iran. Rather, there is no way to understand the behavior of the British government outside of a collaborative relationship with the mass-murdering Islamic dictatorship.

    In an era when our global citizenry demands observation of our international human rights, there is no tolerance for cooperation with brutal dictatorships, especially from a government that claims to be democratic and devoted to those same international principles of human rights.

    Britain would do itself a favor by rectifying what it has done in the Bita Ghaedi case as rapidly as possible, ensuring it doesn’t happen again, and hoping that the world forgets what it has done.

    Britain, however, should not forget that what we told the executioners of Iran applies to the UK too: the world is watching.

  • Julie H. Parish

    If Iran does not stop this madness then women of that country should have a revolt and take the son of a gun over.

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