Rich Man’s Coup of America and Women’s Challenge

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CODEPINK is leading the nonviolent resistance to the rich man’s coup of America. Join us by commenting on this post, adding comments to the articles linked below, and sharing the call for a feminist response to rich man’s folly on Facebook and Twitter.

The “compromise” approved by the House today and expected to pass the Senate tomorrow is an atrocity. It is a rich man’s coup of our democracy. Consider this: absolutely no tax increases are included in the bill. It creates a “super Congress,” with authority to slash social services when the country is still reeling from the recession. As Robert Reich noted, the President paid a ransom when there was absolutely no reason to link the increase of the debt ceiling with cutting the budget deficit.

Policy Changes Under Two PresidentsLast week, the NY Times published, and The Atlantic promoted, a revealing graphic, reminding us how this deficit was created: with tax breaks to the rich and unfunded and unnecessary wars. Remember this when the mainstream media focuses in on the particulars of what is happening this week. Beltway leadership will not admit that it was spending decisions made during the Bush administration that led to this point.

Who will be affected the most by the budget cuts? Women, of course. Susan Feiner delineates the ways the plan balances the budget on the backs of women in the Ms. blog. If cuts in Social Security and unemployment insurance don’t piss you off, maybe the idea of cutting safety inspections will. Between those cuts and the perennial lack of funding for infrastructure modernization, you can expect more poop in your water in the coming years.

As Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus noted, the debt deal is a ‘sugar-coated Satan sandwich.’ Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, denounced the deal as a give-away to the rich and corporations on the backs of working people and warned that both parties stand at a crossroads. The House of Representatives has already sold the American people down the river, will the Senate do the same?

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) pointed out today that the media committed malpractice in covering the debt ceiling debate. The ‘center’ has been defined far away from public sentiment and few people acknowledge the cause of the deficit or the fact that the debt ceiling can be raised without cutting vital social programs.

How did we get to this point? The National Organization for Women (NOW) thinks the lack of female leadership in the negotiations was one reason real human needs weren’t taken into account. Many men are calling for the people to march on Washington, from Keith Olbermann to Rep. John Conyers (MI-D)

Join the feminist response to the rich man’s coup. Join CODEPINK in DC as we call on Congress and the President to Bring Our War $$ Home, tax the rich, and create jobs through increased federal spending. Can’t make it to the nation’s capital? Develop a cultural response to ten years and counting of war and corporate welfare through Create, Not Hate. We are the nonviolent resistance needed to overturn this shameful usurpation of democracy. Join the PINK Team today.

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  • http://twitter.com/mrmroof michael meade

    This is what the United States Government was founded on Capital, Capitalist or Capitalism, which means Money, the Rich or riches.That is why the seat of this government is called Capital/Capitol Hill. Look in Germany with the Ashke-NAZI third reich/RICH government and see what they did to the poor people.
    In other words the United States Capitalist Government is the same REICH style government as the Third Reich NAZI’S in Germany who killed six million poor people.

    It’s time for people from around the world who have been brainwashed for thousands of years by their governments to kill innocent men women and children to wake up. Are you ready to wake up or do you prefer BUSINESS as usual? You know what the end result will be, just look back in history in Russia, Germany and China.

  • Anonymous

    We got a response from our tea bagger rep, Todd Rokita with the query “what would Jesus cut.”  He goes on to intimate that these cuts are not only in his favor, but have the personal okey dokey from on high.  He also points out he is catholic. 

  • Anonymous

    This was published in local papers in TN.

                                                                                                 Elizabeth Barger

    All of my “representatives” have said we need to cut more from the
    budget. Well, I agree. But they do not mean the same cuts I am talking about.
    And when they talk about sacrifice, it is not their children they are throwing
    on the fiery iron altar of Mammon and War.  The only sacrifices made in the latest proposals, including
    the Senate’s “Gang of Six” proposal, are on working people, the middle class,
    seniors, the ill, orphans, and the poor. These people did not make the economic
    crisis that we face today. The unnecessary wars, the extreme Pentagon budget
    and the tax cuts for the very wealthy are the causes of the dilemma we face.
    Gang, by the way, is indicative of the violent mugging of the economy that has
    occurred over the decades of corporate take over.


    It is interesting, the rhetoric of the rite wing, that speaks of
    incentives for the poor to get off of welfare while the extremely rich rake in
    billions of unearned benefits from taxpayers. Let us consider incentives.
    Rather than giving the upper 5% unmerited tax cuts, let’s raise taxes to 90% as
    they were during WWII under Republican President Eisenhower, and give incentive
    tax breaks to people who build businesses that bring jobs to our communities.
    Right now the lazy rich are sitting on trillions of dollars while the rest of
    us are sweating blood to just get by. 
    Policies like a “territorial taxation system” destroy American jobs by
    giving incentives for corporations to offshore jobs and shift profits to overseas
    tax havens.


    I think we have to cut loose of the presidential election and move
    people to vote in legislators who will serve the interests of the bottom 90%. I
    wonder what it will take for us to get organized. The people are beginning to
    be aware, but their anger is still being steered by corporate media. The
    so-called “left wing press” is owned by corporations and individuals that
    profit from wars and pollution. They preach with loud voices a rite wing screed
    of anger, war, racism, and violence that is scarring the minds and hearts of
    all who listen. Anger and fear are great motivators, but they do not bring
    about intelligent and compassionate change.


    If I ran for office I would say, “Yes, I will raise taxes…on
    anyone making over $1million. Yes, I will close the loopholes that corporations
    use to siphon off the country’s wealth. Yes, I will insist that corporations
    that drill our oil, mine our ores, pollute our air, and use our water must
    invest to clean up their messes. Yes, I will bring the troops home now and put
    them to work building infrastructure, cleaning up pollution, and learning green
    skills. Those who use the commons must invest to maintain the commons.


    Every one
    of us needs to gather and find out the person in our group who will run on that
    sort of platform. We have to take back the House and Senate. Then we can make
    the President be real about the change we want. And we had better do it right
    away if we want to have anything to build on.

  • http://twitter.com/athinkr A Thinker

    The answer to this dilemma is simple.  If the senate or house did not pass this bill, then Obama would have to use Article 14 to prevent default.  He would be forced to stand up for something, just as he has quoted FDR’s “make me do the right thing”. And he would suffer some of the consequences of his sellouts.  

    Unfortunately, even my democratic rep., Garamendi, voted for the bill and it is likely to pass.
    So the real question and discussion now is, what can we do to avoid 4 more years of Obama.  He is damaging the US even worse than Bush — same wars, but even Bush  wasn’t able to cut the social programs Obama is.  My suggestion to Garamendi’s office was to promise Obama to vote for the bill if Obama promised not to run in 2012.  (My personal hope then would be for Howard Dean to be elected president.)
    Again, I think we need to address how to replace Obama in 2012. 

  • Anonymous

    Once again, CodePink is out in front on this one.    ”Rich man’s coup of America” says it all.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, CodePink is out in front on this one.  ”Rich man’s coup of America” says it all.

  • http://profiles.google.com/davolw Davol White

    Tax cuts during war time were treason.

  • Lisa Savage

    Thank you for this great piece, Elizabeth. I wonder what it will take for people to get organized? I predict cutting Social Security will have an effect. It will be terribly painful for so many. Thank you for your leadership.

  • Anne G. Woodhead

    Makes cents to me!

  • Anonymous

    You’ve got my vote, Eliz77! Thank you for saying all this. I too believe that getting local and federal legislators into office that will work for the 98% of us is far more important than who is the president. I think we had a prime example of that with this debt ceiling insanity. I add my own urging that people get out there and help in any way they can to get out the vote to replace the Republicans that took the country hostage for their own damaging agenda. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/nebussa Karin Karejanrakoi

    Honestly, Roseanne, I thought you woud be more savvy than this.

    “The richest Americans and their corporations have no patriotism  … they chose to take food out of American baby’s mouths instead of paying their fair share.”

    Capital has no ‘patriotism,’ Roseanne, (though it definitely wants *you* to be a ‘patriot’) – as long as it is making a profit, it doesnt care whose mouth it is taking food out of.

    It really is that simple!

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