Costs of War: Questions Without Answers

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Tue, Jun 12, 2012

War Dollars Home, War Profiteers, Women Occupy

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by Mary DeCamp

Some parents train their children on video war games that desensitize them to the real costs of war.  Some praise them highly for their competitive natures and their ability to dominate in sports.

An unjust, highly unequal economic system robs young people of meaningful employment options, funneling them into the military-industrial complex instead.  If you’re poor and uneducated, there’s a spot for you in the armed services.  If you are financially better off and educated, the corporations that manufacture death open their doors.

Want a civil service job?  Those positions are disappearing with our belt-tightening, anti-labor, downsized government swing to the right.

What puzzles me is the lack of outrage.  The American Dream has been corrupted and stolen, and we seem complacent in our indentured servitude.  Just go to work.  Get a job.  Pay the bills.  Go shopping.  Take that prescription medication to dull the sharp psychic discomforts that spring from living disconnected and unfulfilled lives.

How many were thrown out of their homes?  How many lost their nest-egg retirement accounts?  How many suffer from our poor medical system?  How many are burdened with student debt, yet cannot find decent jobs in their fields?  How many are dragged through the civil court process, fined, jailed, filmed, finger-printed, and stripped of their dignity by our increasingly intrusive police-state?

Mary DeCamp is the coordinator of CODEPINK Tuscon. Find out what you can do to help bring our war dollars home here.

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  • Jennifer Hazard

    Agreed I feel your frustration…daily.I think that too many Americans are placated by the crumbs we are given via the government and media; crumbs that are just enough to create the illusion of choice, free will and safety. Bruce Lee said that “those who walk in the dark will never see the light”…(apologies if the quote is not exact) How do we fracture the darkness enough to let in the light? That’s the big question!

  • Kent Dills

    Until all of us start a true revolution in this country, from the substandard education our children are getting, to the war on women, to the banks and wall street dictating foreign policy and controlling our monetary system, to our elections and politicians being paid off and corporations have been deemed-”people”, to the outsourcing of our jobs overseas, to minorities being locked up in our profit for prison system or the stop and frisk attitude, to our rights as US citizens being taken away, discarded and stomped on, and most of all-the incessant wars this country is in, with a president who has a “kill list” , nothing will change I’m afraid. We have lost our ability to take a stand, protest like was done during the civil rights era, the women’r rights era, the anti war era of Vietnam. Most importantly, we have all the power, to boycott our schools and walk out (we took our sons out of the public school as they were home schooled and received a much better education by us). We can bring public transit to a halt, close banks and stop deposits orput our money into local credit unions (again we did that). to only buying local food, stock up canned food, buy at stores like Goodwill and other stores like them, and so much more, if we only had the gumption to do so.
    We must demand more of ourselves, to get active and participate in social change, and it’s not just voting either.Until we can get the money out of politics our elections will continue to be corrupted. 
    Join organizations like Code Pink, Veterans For Peace, War Resisters League, like I have. I am a vet and so is my husband, Kent, that took an oath while in the military to defend invaders, both foreign and domestic. But we now have a country that not only invades, but kills at will, and steals the wealth and resources from other “Peaceful” nations all for the profit of companies like Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum, Halliburton and others.. The is sad, sick, immoral and criminal to say the least.
    It is time to expose the real war criminals-people like Henry Kissinger, member of the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Affairs, who dictates military policy throughout the world, and decides which countries will be under wars and subject to population control, starvation, genocide and sterilization and more.
    We can then have peace;-) DDills

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.roy3 Greg Roy

    Mary, although I respect your opinion, competition is genetically ingrained in humans. Without it would would have perished long ago. Regarding the Military machine, it allows you the ability to go on a public site and speak your point of view. War is never pretty, often unwarranted, but many times absolutely necessary if you want ot maintain your individualism, lifestyle and perhaps life. The American Dream has truly been corrupted. The progressive agenda that began roughly a hundred years ago has now metasticized into a nearly incurable cancer. Progressive liberals have infiltrated corporations and our government. Its important to realize something is amiss and take action. You’ve identified a problem. The question becomes “what are you doing about it”? Have you become self-sufficient? can you produce your own food? Can you survive without the help of the gov’t? Look to God and the Founding Fathers for answers. Man realized long ago that he can survive without gov’t, but the opposite is not true. The systems you are disgusted with are the results of taxpayer funding. I believe in the rule of law and the necessity of gov’t, but a greatly diminished role of gov’t. Make yourself strong first, then you’ll have the assets to help those around you. Good luck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.roy3 Greg Roy

    I agree with most of what you say except the part about the war on women. Could you be more specific about what that is?

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.roy3 Greg Roy

    Jennifer, its through self education. Make outside help unnecessary. Learn to provide 100% of your and yours needs through gardening, farming, canning, hunting, herbal medicines, training in self-reliance and protection. Absorb like minded people into your group who have different skills. My table is bountiful always. God gives me the strength and knowledge to be self-sufficient. I provide myself with the ability to retain what I earn. This sight abhors war, and in truth it would be truly wonderful if there was never another. Realistically that won’t happen in our lifetime. Be prepared to have your ideas last after you’re gone. Are we not shaped by our ideals? How far are you prepared to go to defend them?

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