CODEPINK: Veterans and Government Officials Sign Letter Rejecting Nomination of Brennan as Director of the CIA

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A Call from Former Military Personnel and Government Officials to Reject Nomination of John Brennan as Director of the CIA
As former military personnel and government officials, we are deeply concerned about the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. As President Obama’s current counterterrorism advisor, Brennan has been the mastermind behind the administration’s lethal drone program, which is killing innocent civilians abroad and sowing strong anti-American sentiment throughout the world.

Retired General Stanley McChrystal, former commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, recently said that the resentment created by American use of unmanned strikes is much greater than the average American appreciates. “They are hated on a visceral level, even by people who’ve never seen one or seen the effects of one,” he warned. This is dangerous for our national security. Just look at the case of Pakistan, where the CIA’s profligate use of drone strikes has led 3 out of 4 Pakistanis to believe that the United States is their enemy. Unfortunately, drone strikes now serve as the primary recruiting tool for anti-American militants.

We are particularly concerned about drones in the hands of the CIA. While the military has rules of engagement, more open procedures for the use of force, and a chain of command that is supposed to ensure accountability, the CIA does not. It is a civilian organization that, with its own fleet of drones, has been engaged in lethal actions veiled in secrecy and devoid of accountability.

We urge you to use the occasion of this nomination to not only question Brennan’s qualifications for this job, but to also conduct a serious evaluation of the CIA’s drone program. The CIA should revert back to being an intelligence-gathering organization and we need a CIA director who is committed to overseeing this transition.


Iraq Veterans Against the War
Ray McGovern, veteran Army Intelligence officer and CIA analyst
Ann Wright, US Army Colonel
Leah Bolger, CDR, USN (Ret)
Mark Foreman, PO3, USN (Ret)
Tarak Kauff, USA
Nate Goldshlag, PFC, USA
Mike Madden, Member of Veterans For Peace, Chapter 27, St. Paul, MN

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  • Michael Hall

    The Slaughter of the Children Drones On & On & On & On

    When the drones are slaughtering innocent children in your name

    do you bother to get concerned even when on your knees on Sunday?

    or do you just stick your head in the sand blindly support the troops & just not think about whose to blame

    if you care i have list of their names and ages i could give you from the depths of an odious jingo game

    Do your wonder if your joystick violence is really doing any good

    or do you get the feeling that something is very wrong & your getting spun & fooled

    how can you support exported terrorism when your sworn to defend against it

    how can you donate freedom &democracy when its getting stolen from under you by E/O

    Every bullet bought is a loaf of bread stolen from the belly of the hungry

    & your self-praising charity checkbook fad doesn’t seem to dent the starvation

    if you spent 2.2 million everyday since Jesus was born

    you would have spent what your nation purchased on the military just last year

    Do you wonder why your schools don’t have books & pencils

    why your bridges are crumbling down & the roads are potholed like Swiss cheese

    while your politicians live in mansions with 5-star chefs lapping at life-long luxury

    then again today they announced another bone-cut to the needy, homeless and disabled

    How could anyone with a shred of conscience bow before a flag without bending over with nausea

    knowing underneath it the killing of the innocent is a weekly act in nations we are not at war with

    that after a hit. the gang fires off another drone when medics & rescuers come to the scene of destruction

    we’ve forgotten what we stand for by the very deeds we toe-tag and their is no rationalization

    Now we know by special executive decree memo called a ‘white paper’

    the Nobel Peace prize holder president has the power to murder americans beyond the law

    it is solely up to the president when it comes to life and death and it is all a hush-hush secret

    change we can be deceived has shown the articulate sheep to be but a child-eating wolf

    Anyone who murders children by drone and then jokes about it is a sociopath

    a leader who becomes a serial killer justifies by secret edicts he wont share with his employers is a despot

    expansion and consolidation of extreme power will one day target you and yours

    For what goes on abroad in your name will backblow as it comes around to get you tomorrow

    Just south of key west at Guantanamo every law, principle and value you hold dear is smashed

    across the pond the most nefarious crimes are done in your name with your support

    and yet at home you bury your head deep in the sand far from the massive contradiction

    your heart bleeds for Newton yet when your troops do the exact same thing you raise a flag & a stiff arm

    For what profits an empire when they can envelop the world and dominate it

    yet in the process they loose their values, principles and in so doing their very soul

    still atonement must be rectified somewhere at some time

    and this is the dream that i dream someday will be;

    For all the innocent children who’ve been the victim of the american military machine

    i would gladly see each and everyone of them walk by in front of every war supporter and soldier

    to deeply gaze into their eyes and say with conviction, question and horror;

    Why did you murder me?

  • Michael Hall

    The White Letter from The White House smells not quite like a White Rose

    by michael hall

    First obama murdered children inside of foreign nations

    the people shopped at walmart to show their displeasure

    then obama assassinated children in countries we were not war with

    so flags & troops were honored at every sports game in the land

    Some lawyers screamed foul as did the few with conscience like Chomsky, Hedges & Blum

    but their voices were drowned out by the silence of the bored & apathetic the meekly submissive

    still the good loyal citizens did scream for more guns as their constitutional right

    & american idol worship tonight is supposed to be a killer so guess which takes priority?

    Then obama & the exalted mighty military murdered an unarmed american across the pond

    so what did the people then do you ask?

    they swallowed a blue pill sunk their head deeper into the rabbit hole and breathed patriotically

    hush hush now little children its all a transparent secret nothing to see here just move along

    While a american teenager with his cousin out looking for his murdered father

    stopped along a dirt road in the middle of a vast desert depressed praying for his dad

    in the middle of a cookout sitting around the fire alone these two american kids

    without warning silence was broken by terrorism & they were subsequently droned to smithereens

    Ah but some fires did light up more intensely this time

    so obama & his bunch of hooligans had to reluctantly crawl out of their dark dungeon

    they argued with legal thickets of sharpened stakes, moats, pickets, shielded by secrets & lies atop turrets no one could reach

    through a tapestry of intricate semantics innuendos & bizarre definitions they claimed they were upholding the constitution oxymoronically tagging this odium as wise and ethical

    Claiming the research was so sensitive & so secret that it could not be revealed

    our heroes would then be exposed to violence & that would be quite unamerican

    if that happened whistleblowers then would be scapegoated & we know what happens to them

    do you really think that renditions & retaliatory vengeance are deeds of the past?

    Cattle mooed

    sheep bleated

    the superbowl was a commercial success & beyonce lip-synced flawlessly again

    & the flags, ah, the flags flew so high & piously, almost above it all, but did i see, a bloodstain, a tear or was it smoke?

  • Michael Hall

    List of Children Killed by US (Drone Strikes) in Yemen and Pakistan

    [The following list was issued by Drones Watch on 20 January 2013. The names were compiled from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports.]

    By Jadaliyya Reports


    Name | Age | Gender

    Noor Aziz | 8 | male

    Abdul Wasit | 17 | male

    Noor Syed | 8 | male

    Wajid Noor | 9 | male

    Syed Wali Shah | 7 | male

    Ayeesha | 3 | female

    Qari Alamzeb | 14| male

    Shoaib | 8 | male

    Hayatullah KhaMohammad | 16 | male

    Tariq Aziz | 16 | male

    Sanaullah Jan | 17 | male

    Maezol Khan | 8 | female

    Nasir Khan | male

    Naeem Khan | male

    Naeemullah | male

    Mohammad Tahir | 16 | male

    Azizul Wahab | 15 | male

    Fazal Wahab | 16 | male

    Ziauddin | 16 | male

    Mohammad Yunus | 16 | male

    Fazal Hakim | 19 | male

    Ilyas | 13 | male

    Sohail | 7 | male

    Asadullah | 9 | male

    khalilullah | 9 | male

    Noor Mohammad | 8 | male

    Khalid | 12 | male

    Saifullah | 9 | male

    Mashooq Jan | 15 | male

    Nawab | 17 | male

    Sultanat Khan | 16 | male

    Ziaur Rahman | 13 | male

    Noor Mohammad | 15 | male

    Mohammad Yaas Khan | 16 | male

    Qari Alamzeb | 14 | male

    Ziaur Rahman | 17 | male

    Abdullah | 18 | male

    Ikramullah Zada | 17 | male

    Inayatur Rehman | 16 | male

    Shahbuddin | 15 | male

    Yahya Khan | 16 |male

    Rahatullah |17 | male

    Mohammad Salim | 11 | male

    Shahjehan | 15 | male

    Gul Sher Khan | 15 | male

    Bakht Muneer | 14 | male

    Numair | 14 | male

    Mashooq Khan | 16 | male

    Ihsanullah | 16 | male

    Luqman | 12 | male

    Jannatullah | 13 | male

    Ismail | 12 | male

    Taseel Khan | 18 | male

    Zaheeruddin | 16 | male

    Qari Ishaq | 19 | male

    Jamshed Khan | 14 | male

    Alam Nabi | 11 | male

    Qari Abdul Karim | 19 | male

    Rahmatullah | 14 | male

    Abdus Samad | 17 | male

    Siraj | 16 | male

    Saeedullah | 17 | male

    Abdul Waris | 16 | male

    Darvesh | 13 | male

    Ameer Said | 15 | male

    Shaukat | 14 | male

    Inayatur Rahman | 17 | male

    Salman | 12 | male

    Fazal Wahab | 18 | male

    Baacha Rahman | 13 | male

    Wali-ur-Rahman | 17 | male

    Iftikhar | 17 | male

    Inayatullah | 15 | male

    Mashooq Khan | 16 | male

    Ihsanullah | 16 | male

    Luqman | 12 | male

    Jannatullah | 13 | male

    Ismail | 12 | male

    Abdul Waris | 16 | male

    Darvesh | 13 | male

    Ameer Said | 15 | male

    Shaukat | 14 | male

    Inayatur Rahman | 17 | male

    Adnan | 16 | male

    Najibullah | 13 | male

    Naeemullah | 17 | male

    Hizbullah | 10 | male

    Kitab Gul | 12 | male

    Wilayat Khan | 11 | male

    Zabihullah | 16 | male

    Shehzad Gul | 11 | male

    Shabir | 15 | male

    Qari Sharifullah | 17 | male

    Shafiullah | 16 | male

    Nimatullah | 14 | male

    Shakirullah | 16 | male

    Talha | 8 | male


    Afrah Ali Mohammed Nasser | 9 | female

    Zayda Ali Mohammed Nasser | 7 | female

    Hoda Ali Mohammed Nasser | 5 | female

    Sheikha Ali Mohammed Nasser | 4 | female

    Ibrahim Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 13 | male

    Asmaa Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 9 | male

    Salma Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 4 | female

    Fatima Abdullah Mokbel Salem Louqye | 3 | female

    Khadije Ali Mokbel Louqye | 1 | female

    Hanaa Ali Mokbel Louqye | 6 | female

    Mohammed Ali Mokbel Salem Louqye | 4 | male

    Jawass Mokbel Salem Louqye | 15 | female

    Maryam Hussein Abdullah Awad | 2 | female

    Shafiq Hussein Abdullah Awad | 1 | female

    Sheikha Nasser Mahdi Ahmad Bouh | 3 | female

    Maha Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 12 | male

    Soumaya Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 9 | female

    Shafika Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 4 | female

    Shafiq Mohammed Saleh Mohammed | 2 | male

    Mabrook Mouqbal Al Qadari | 13 | male

    Daolah Nasser 10 years | 10 | female

    AbedalGhani Mohammed Mabkhout | 12 | male

    Abdel- Rahman Anwar al Awlaki | 16 | male

    Abdel-Rahman al-Awlaki | 17 | male

    Nasser Salim | 19

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