PINK Up a Congressional Town Hall!

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You know it’s that time of the year, when Congress comes back home for the month of August!  Many of our Congressional leaders suffer from “inside the beltway” thinking and have sold out to lobbyists. In order to give our members a good jolt of reality, attending a Town Hall meeting is an excellent opportunity to talk about peace issues.

Please consider joining a Town Hall meeting in your district! Here are some tips in creating effective PINKness at a public meeting.


  • Invite members of your local CODEPINK chapter!
  • Ready, steady, go! Make signs, wear t-shirts and find creative ways to visually display that you are with CODEPINK.
  • Get to the Town Hall meeting early and sit near the microphones. Don’t all sit together – it will help show that there is a large group spread out through the audience.
  • Chose someone in your chapter to film and take photos. Afterward, post on social media!
  • Make Your Voice Heard! Prepare your hard question(s) ahead of time and write them down, in case they only take written questions. Have some facts at your fingertips. Do the research!


Ground the Drones! Tell about the growing story of US drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan & Somalia. Explain that there are victims of US drone strikes.

Bring Our War $$ Homes! Discuss the wasteful spending on the war in Afghanistan and the need to bring our war dollars home.

Close Guantanamo! Share the plight of the hunger strikers at Guantanamo and demand to close the illegal prison.

Bradley Manning! Support whistle blowers and end NSA surveillance.

Arms Are For Hugging! We need a comprehensive plan to address weapons in our communities and it starts with holding the NRA accountable.

Expose AIPAC! Urge Congress to distance themselves from AIPAC, a dangerous lobby that lobbies for $3 billion for the Israeli military

Check the CODEPINK website for more information on the campaigns!

How to find a Town Hall meeting? 

Check the websites of your members of Congress (usually under “news” or “events”) to see if they have any constituent events coming up, such as a town hall, breakfast or open meeting. Can’t find anything online? Call their local or state office and ask if there are any upcoming opportunities to hear from the representative/senator in your area.

Also, check online organization calendars!

Education Votes

DRM Action Coalition Town Hall Schedule

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Congressional Schedule

Contact your Congressional Leader to locate a Town Hall meeting in your District

Tools and resources!

Hand out the 10 Ways to reduce the Threat of Terror Attacks on Americans 

CODEPINK fliers and sign up sheets

Post your Town Hall gathering on the CODEPINK action calendar

Post a report back with photos and videos on the CODEPINK locals tumblr


Expect More Than Just Town Hall Protests This August


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