Free, Free Medea Benjamin!

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Tue, Mar 4, 2014

Bring Our War $$ Home

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Hey folks, you may have heard that Medea was detained and beaten badly by the Egyptian authorities while trying to enter Egypt to go to Gaza with a larger international delegation of women. She was violently deported to Turkey, where she’s now in the hospital until her flight back to the US on Wednesday. It’s heartbreaking to think of the wonderful peacemaker we all love being harmed in any way! It’s also scary to think about all the Egyptian activists (and journalists!!) who continue to languish in Egypt’s prisons indefinitely for speaking out against the new government. Medea being barred from going to Gaza also reminds us that the Palestinians remained trapped in Gaza as long as the Egyptian Rafah border remains closed or tightly controlled.

Show Medea some love! Take a picture of yourself with a Get Well Soon message, and email it to Sara.codepink@gmail.com and/or tweet it at @codepink! Use the hashtag #FreeGaza on your message too! We’ll put all the pics we get in an album and share it with Medea when she gets home safely.

For those of you in and around Washington DC, we’re going to be hosting a Welcome Home and reportback event for Medea at Busboys and Poets at 5th & K NW at 8:00 pm on Friday, March 7. Please join us!

You can read more about the delegation at www.GazaSolidarity.com. Although Medea didn’t make it, two of our CODEPINK DC interns are still flying over for the trip, so stay tuned for reportbacks from them!

Thanks for showing support for Medea during this difficult moment,

p.s. please pass this message along!!

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  • Jean

    Medea is so great..you make me feel more brave..Please get well soon..I met Medea at an event Arun Gandhi had and I think of that meeting often..Tulsa Peace Fellowship thanks you…please do not forget to deep breathe,focus on the breathe to help ease the pain.we will hold a (small) demonstration in Tulsa to point out the brutality of your Captors ..Gaza people worthy of our suffering

  • camplunalinda

    i called my WA state senators — the staff answered — they had heard of Anne Wright — and of the women who conforonted Obama about the drones — they had not heard of Code Pink or Medea Benjamin — t hey listened long and promised to “let the Senator know” — especialy about the Embassy not responding –

  • Kathleen Gabel

    Dear Medea, I saw your post one minute after you posted dear. You are such a sweeeeeeeeeetheart doing very brave and sometimes dangerous work. We are so sorry for your injuries and so sorry that there is so much hate in the world. Thank you for all you do to bring your sweet kind LIGHT to very troubled places…from the Halls of Congress to the streets of DC to the oppressed peoples of the world… Gaza… Pakistan…etc. you are beautiful!!! Everyone will be very relieved when you are safely home!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wish this brave woman of peace a speedy recovery.

  • MNforPeace

    Medea, may god send you healing, peace and strength. You are heroic.

  • Anonymous

    Medea, you are a hero–every caring human being’s hero. Your courage and commitment to human rights and justice are legendary. The jailing and misery inflicted on you in Cairo are outrageous, and I intend to call the Egyptian Embassy and the White House Hotline tomorrow morning and give them a piece of my mind–in strident and unequivocal language.

    My bottom line, as always: Viva Palestine! (for whose people you toil and advocate so indefatigably)

  • Kevin Martin

    So sorry to hear about this awful treatment of a true she-ro! Hope you mend quickly, Medea!

  • kayla

    Dear Medea: Sending love and comfort to you today, from Ashland OR. Kayla Starr

  • simi K.

    I cannot find any such word as “she-ro” in the dictionary.

  • t socrates

    You are brave. You are strong. You will not be held for long.

    We look forward to your return & to the return of your invaluable work! Thank You for all that you do. Stay calm, patient & positive.
    We <3 U.

  • Wendy Lacheta Thomas

    Dear Medea, You are my hero and I know this won’t stop you from doing your most important work. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you are the strongest woman I know. In peace and solidarity, Wendy Thomas, NH

  • Anonymous

    Dear Medea, getting beat up by the big guys is no fun. I hope you and the woman from PussyRiot are recovering well. I’m really moved by your pain and hope you are feeling better really fast. Jan Boudart, Rogers Park, Chicago (You put mud on my face at a Dead Sea cosmetic protest at Bloomingdales.)

  • simi K.

    It’s poetic justice, really. She should be grateful her little trip was stopped in Egypt – in Gaza, gays, lesbians and transsexuals are executed – usually, without benefit of trial.

  • simi K.

    Before you give them a piece of your mind – are you quite sure you can spare it?

  • simi K.

    Yes, it’s much more fun being beaten up by the little guys. LOL.

  • simi K.

    “You put mud on my face at a Dead Sea cosmetic protest at Bloomingdales.”
    I’m sure it was a vast improvement.

  • simi K.

    Wendy, I’m sure you’re right and that being your hero won’t stop Medea from doing her “most important work”.

  • Trayvon

    Keep the Commie bitch locked up.
    Hope they rape you.

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