The Truth about Condi Rice

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Tue, Apr 8, 2014

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The Truth about Condi Rice

By Coleen Rowley

The University of Minnesota’s promotion of Condi Rice (and paying her $150,000 via one of the University’s top donors, the Carlson Foundation) turns “free speech” on its head, especially since University officials refuse to give even 5 minutes of “equal time” to those who would tell the truth about Condi’s past criminal conduct. Officials refuse to ask Rice to discuss the hard questions about her involvement in war crimes and also refuse to let students meet with Rice (although a handpicked group of students apparently does get to meet with her). Dean Eric Schwartz of the Humphrey Institute who’s responsible for inviting Rice even refused to meet with students about his decision. What free speech?!

The powerful effort to rewrite (this sordid) history has raised the question of how to effectively get out information about Rice’s past commission of torture and other war crimes, because university officials and students seem mostly unaware of her past conduct, consequently falling for a ridiculous repackaging of Rice as a civil rights and feminist hero. (Even the various human rights groups and anti-torture organizations based in the Twin Cities such as Center for Victims of Torture and Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, not to mention the University’s own Human Rights Center, have fallen silent such is the hypocrisy and pressure to now lionize the woman who personally ordered the CIA to commence waterboarding!) Learn more how to take action in Minnesota!


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  • Jeffrey J. Melnick

    Condoleezza Rice is a shining success story
    that every American has every reason to greatly admire. The great-granddaughter of slaves that was
    fortunate enough to be born in to a deeply religious and hard working family
    with a long and admirable history of pulling themselves out of adversity with the
    very foundational qualities that build our great nation – faith, strong moral character, intelligence, education, hard
    work and tenacity. Condoleezza Rice proudly accepted the baton of
    unlimited possibilityand went forth to make her family and country proud. Rice
    is an enormously accomplished woman. She has been on the Stanford
    faculty since 1981 and has won two of the highest teaching honors – the 1984
    Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 1993 School of
    Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching and served as
    Stanford University’s Provost from 1993-1999, and in the capacity of political
    science professor. After a four-year role as
    National Security adviser, Rice served as the 66th Secretary of State where her
    achievements included promoting Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to ease
    the Palestinian conflict. Ms. Rice is a published author of several books as
    well as a concert pianist. One would be stupid not to give pause and ponder the
    true motivation behind Code Pink’s attempt to besmirch such a fine American by
    giving air to the scurrilous and empty suggestions of a mal content and obscure
    former FBI Agent by the name of Colleen Rowley. Additionally, any person with
    more than a single brain cell would question the reason that no charges of
    wrong doing have ever been leveled against Condoleezza Rice. Code Pink have yet
    again revealed themselves as little but a propaganda instrument of George Soros
    and his tribe of Alinskyite anti-Americans. Those without an agenda who are
    genuinely interested in this great American ought to read the biography of
    Condoleezza Rice, The African Experience – From Slavery To Power: Condoleezza
    Rice’s Family and Community.

  • Banu Kaynak Reed

    The subject is not how we educated it is how we use it !!! especially when we have the power !! I accidently press the vote comment above yes very nice biography or cv what you call it but what we do is more important !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ Porky

    Well she likes to eat Uncle Ben’s rice from what i heard.

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