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CODEPINK Travels to Cairo to Stand in Solidarity with the Egyptians

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


After several canceled flights, I am finally on my way to Egypt to join my CODEPINK colleagues who are already there. We were supposed to be leading a delegation to Gaza right now, traveling through the Sinai to get to Gaza's southern border. The Rafa crossing into Gaza has been closed, our delegation is unable to leave Cairo, and we have been caught up in the breath-taking people's movement that is sweeping Egypt. CODEPINK’s Tighe Barry has been out on the streets of Cairo all week long. You can hear a compelling report from him here.

Refusing to be Intimidated

Friday, June 11, 2010

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by Ramzi Kysia Yesterday, organizers from the Gaza Freedom March, Free Gaza Movement, and Code Pink voluntarily made ourselves available for arrest in Rep. Brad Sherman’s offices on Capitol Hill. RT Television covered our attempt to ‘surrender’ ourselves, and activist videos of the action are now up on YouTube. Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), chair of [...]

On War, Disappointment and Anger–Alice Walker

Friday, March 5, 2010


Reposted from Alice Walker’s Blog The Cushion and the Road: Meditation and Wandering As the Whole World Awakens to Being in Harm’s Way ©2010 by Alice Walker I do not believe in war at all; although I am as capable of anger as anyone. To me war is something to be outgrown, recognized as immature, [...]

Gaza Freedom March: A Powerful Day of Action in Cairo

Saturday, January 2, 2010

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From Starhawk, originally posted on Starhawk’s Blog: We did it! Up until the moment we did, I didn’t quite believe we would, but we did! Went to bed last night thinking, “Yeah, Starhawk, you’ve done this a hundred times, yawn, nerves of steel, sleep like a baby,” and of course I hardly slept at all, [...]

May 2010 be the year the blockade ends

Friday, January 1, 2010

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From Jean Athey in Cairo: Gaza Freedom March Fifth Letter—January 1, 2010 Hedy Epstein, 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, has stolen our hearts. At four feet-ten, she is a giant. Her gentle smile lights up every room that she enters, and yet if you saw her on the street, you might not immediately sense her power. Unless [...]

Gaza Freedom March: More From Yesterday

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Reposted from Starhawk’s Blog GFM 4 12-29 Morning So, back to yesterday. I never made it over to the French Embassy, where the French contingent has been encamped, surrounded now by the Egyptian police and not allowed to leave although people have been allowed to pass in food and water. Our encampment in front of [...]

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