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Social Formations: Getting down, dirty, and deep for justice in Detroit

Monday, June 28, 2010


By working together, our CODEPINK team in Detroit brought a lot of smiles, creativity, and solidarity to the USSF. We made it happen, from carrying banners to speaking at workshops to circulating petitions and flyers and tabling to shuttling folks to jail solidarity to pitching in for whatever was needed at the moment, together.  And there was a magical element working with us too, which was especially present when the skies were clear on the day it was supposed to rain during our Hummer Burial, and when the full moon arose over the river as we did a spiral dance, and when we secured an indoor table to share with National Assembly, and so many other little bright moments throughout.

The Hummer is Dead – Let’s Bury It and Build a New Economy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Hummer is dead. Not even the Chinese could revive it. The Hummer was emblematic of a Rambo-like era, culture, lifestyle, and political philosophy disrespectful to both human beings and mother nature. It is now time to bury the militaristic, gas-guzzling, polluting 8,400-pound hunks that drove environmentalists and peaceniks crazy as they cruised down our city streets.

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